Deicide means ‘killing God’. Obviously we can’t kill God, whatever we understand with the word ‘God’. But we can destroy the creation and hurt God with that. The motives have 3000 years old roots.

Impeachment and Conviction

Imagine there could be a man on earth today, sent from God, and he would says: “As the highest judge of all souls living in the other world and of all souls living today and in the future on this earth, I will severely punish the supreme masters of deicide with a minimum of 50,000 years being far away from God and his light, the protagonists with a minimum of 10,000 years, and all other significant collaborators of deicide will not see God and his light for a very long time. People that are unwilling to learn and to develop themselves psychically and spiritually and those who infect the collective (entire societies) with brainwashing, lies and falseness, with their insane narcissism, perverse neurosis, psychosis, psychopathy and madness cannot expect to be allowed to enter into paradise. If a folk and its government ignore its new (genuine, provable) prophet, destroy his life, bans him, and paralyzes with that his divine mission for humanity and the archetypal human evolution, this folk will lose its land. Switzerland is already sentenced. The same punishment is applied for any folk that acts in the same way against this prophet for humanity in the third Millennium. If all of humanity accepts the deicide simply by ignoring it, then most souls will be sent for 200,000 years to a dark place far away from the paradise of God.”