The Iraq War cost $1.06 trillion, and $7.9 trillion added to debt. Other cost: 4,488 U.S. troops died and 32,226 suffered injuries. The cost of veterans’ medical and disability payments over the next 40 years: more than $1 trillion. The United States incurred an extra $453 billion in interest on the debt to pay for the wars in the Middle East. More wars: Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria. It is estimated that about 2.4 million Iraqis have been killed in 2003. Estimations for Afghanistan and Pakistan war: about 1.2 million Afghans and Pakistanis have been killed as a result of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. The economic losses and the destructions of infrastructures is over $1 trillion. Future generations will pay for it. We should not forget the dire suffering of the people.

As a Christian do you think that you don’t need to feel ashamed for silently accepting all these atrocities? Christian Presidents of States, Prime Ministers, Royalties and Heads of the NATO do you not feel ashamed for ordering or accepting all the committed atrocities? Master Generals and solders do you not feel ashamed as a Christian for all the atrocities you ordered and committed?

You, glorious and exceptional Christian Masters of thousands of nuclear bombs, you the stripping executors behind the curtains since centuries, and you, rulers of much of the world that try since centuries to “kill” God and his creation, do you think that God will forgive you?

You, insatiably greedy people of the Western World, do you not know that the damages of global over-exploitation goes up to 3-5 $trillion per year? And nobody pays for it today, but everybody will pay for it in the future with dire scarcity and frightening illnesses.

My dear Christians visiting this website now, have you already judged that I am a fake Prophet? Do you not feel ashamed thinking like that without thoroughly examining? I have more to give you than all religions together since ever. Do you think your God will forgive you for your hypocrisy and cowardice that led to all the atrocities that happened?

To be stuck in a defiant age, or in a teenager age or in the adolescence is the core characteristic of the Christians. Above that stupidity and exaggerated narcissism are as dangerous as nuclear bombs!

You Christians, thoroughly brainwashed and robots since Millenniums, do you think you can destroy all the ecosystems, all the resources, and eliminate all the species with your ways of living? You, all people on this planet, do you think you can procreate babies without being well prepared and equipped for it?

You all destroy the future of all the upcoming generations which will heavily suffer for 500 years and more – cholera included! It will not take a century but only some decades and you will all fall into a human made Armageddon. You all have only a few years left to avoid the worst.

It is urgent time to wake up and to act. You Christian, you must learn a lot. You must read a lot. You must meditate a lot. You all need a catharsis. You must learn to understand your dreams because this is the best guidance you can find on this planet for your completeness and fulfillment.

You must read most of my books. You don’t want to read my books? Then do not expect that I let you enter Paradise. Better is: Start now to search for the truth about yourself inside!

Now you, Christian Presidents of States, Prime Ministers, Royalties and Heads of the NATO, you should urgently come to see me. I have really something very important to tell you. And you will learn something that you need for your salvation.

You, the hidden glorious Masters of thousands of nuclear bombs, you the stripping executors through the global financial tubes, behind the curtains since centuries, you should urgently become aware of your new destiny.

You, the glorious Masters that failed 2000 years ago. God took away from you the divine mission for archetypal human development and gave it to me. But this mission failed again due to stripping executors at that time. I tried again in the 12th Century in Spain. It failed again, this time due to the perverse Christian Rulers in Rome. Today I am back again with this divine mission. It’s not a piece of cake.

So, you should all really take my divine mission serious if you ever want forgiveness, reconciliation, salvation, peace on earth and to be part of the divine world renewal during the upcoming 2-3 decades. I can offer you that.

All souls in the other world wait and hope that you come to me so they get their redemption and salvation. The alternative is so terrible for you, worse than anything in the other world. So, we better leave it in a box we never want to open.

I have done my job during the last 40 years with endless learning and inner archetypal and mental development. I am well prepared. I wait for you!

Dr. Edward Schellhammer, RC