Dr. Edward Schellhammer

Dr. Edward Schellhammer is the founder of The Church of the Holy Archetypes of The Soul.

40 years ago I had a dream that said: “Find the mystery of humankind and human evolution.” I thought this is impossible.

I was aware that people spend their lives in millions of ways. Thus, why should I not spend my life in my way?

I decided: I want to dedicate my life to the discovery of the ‘mystery of humankind’. This was in the year 1978.

At the beginning of 2015 I dreamt that I tell people: “Today I can say I have unveiled all fundamental components that explain the mystery of humankind.”

With certainty I raise my arm to express victory. I have a thousand arguments that this is a fundamental breakthrough for humanity, unreached up to today.

It is all about the inner archetypal processes of the soul, an all-round genuine personal development with the aim to reach completeness and fulfillment.

40 years were necessary until I completed my mission, given by dreams. Thousands of dreams helped and guided me on this journey with its manifold inner processes.

Every day and every year up to today I had to learn, to explore, to search, to develop and to make comprehensible and reproducible all the archetypal processes.

There are many facts and global threats that clearly show us that there is no good future for humanity without the profane and sacred (archetypal) knowledge.

To understand and practice the archetypal religion has consequences in life, in business, politics, and the economy, in leadership, in public education and religion.

I invite you to participate in the programs of the Church of the Archetypes of The Soul for all ages: The Seminars and Retreat with sessions for Individuation.

The pioneering books from Dr. Schellhammer (available to purchase (in English, German and Spanish) cover mind, personal development, human evolution, life, business, politics, economy, society, education, and religion.

The religion of the Archetypes of The Soul is for everybody that is searching for the inner truth. It is the breakthrough from the archaic religions since millenniums to the archetypal fulfillment.

The program is for people interested in a new world with hope, peace, and justice that can be established with the ‘Roadmap 25’.

I give you a new world. But nothing is for free in this world. Start with The Manifesto.

Dr. Edward Schellhammer.