For demanding individuals seeking inner catharsis and renewal:

  • You want a breakthrough in your personal life.
  • You want a fulfilling future in your professional life.
  • You are looking for a deep archetypal sense of life.
  • You want inner catharsis and spiritual absolution.
  • You want a solid inner connection with God and Spirit.

You meditate and contemplate. You experience archetypal processes. You experience the ‘Archetypal Initiation’. You shape your path towards completeness and fulfilment. You experience the non-plus ultra: connecting with God and achieving the most solid foundation of your life.

You will learn how to correctly meditate, to understand your dreams, and to practice self-knowledge. You will understand the archetypal human development and the potential of the spiritual intelligence. You will experience the energetic rituals, which are the most divine, beautiful, blessing, transforming, efficient, and mysterious practices a human can experience for the benefit of mind, soul, and fulfilment.

Group retreat workshops (dates upon request); individual retreat with Dr Schellhammer (throughout the year).