Expertise for Human Development – For All Ages

The Seminars are for individuals who want their archetypal personal development and fulfillment and to contribute for a better world with collective human evolution.

Seminar 1: Human Development
Architecture of the Mind since Prenatal and its Development during the Life Course
Conceptual, Archetypal and Practical Personal Development and Catharsis
The most advanced and archetypal understanding of the ‘Human Mystery’

Seminar 2: Religion versus Archetypes
New Understanding of Human Life, Ways of Living, Marriage and Family
Psychology of Religion; Fabrications and Teaching versus Archetypes of the Soul
A new approach to understand the archetypal (genuine) meaning of life

Seminar 3: Meditation and Dream Interpretation
New Concept about how to Correctly Meditate and the Language of Dreams
Practical Training: Meditation and Dream Interpretation for Life, Mind, Soul
With the use of the ‘spiritual intelligence’ humans master life and development

Seminar 4: State of Humanity and Renewal
The State of Humanity, the World and the Planet with all its Global Threats
Conceptual Solutions and Strategies for Renewal and Archetypal Governance
A taboo-free insight into the dire world with an exceptional roadmap of solutions

Practical Training Only:  Analysis, Meditation, Dream Interpretation

Realization: April, May, June, September
Practical Training: April, June, September, October
Language: English (translation support for German speakers)
Dates: Upon request
Start: Thursday evening 18-20 h
Friday: 10-14 h; Afternoon 16-18 h: Discussion
Saturday: 10-14 h; Afternoon 16-18 h: Discussion
Fees: Upon request
Certificate: Upon completion of each seminar
You can postpone at any time, but no refunds possible.
Inscription and payment: latest 2 weeks before start.

Before you book, contact us.
Accommodation: Book directly with ONA