Individuation for Archetypal Human Development

A Further Education Program for those who want their archetypal personal development and fulfillment and to contribute for a better world with collective human evolution. With these Seminars you get the result of 40 years of explorations, research, study, analysis, understanding, and development.

Seminar 1: Archetypal Human Development
Architecture of the Mind since Prenatal and its Development during the Life Course
Conceptual, Archetypal and Practical Personal Development and Catharsis
The most advanced and archetypal understanding of the ‘Human Mystery’

Seminar 2: Meditation and Dream Interpretation
New Concept about how to Correctly Meditate and the Language of Dreams
Systematic Training: Self-Knowledge, Analysis, Meditation, Dream Interpretation
With the use of the ‘spiritual intelligence’ humans master life and development

Seminar 3: Religion versus Archetypes of the Soul
Psychology of Religion; Fabrications and Teaching versus Archetypes of the Soul
New Understanding of Meaning of Life, Ways of Living, Marriage and Family
A new approach to understand the archetypal (genuine) meaning of life

Seminar 4: State of Humanity and Strategies for Renewal
The State of Humanity, the World and the Planet with all its Global Threats
Conceptual Solutions and Strategies for Renewal and Archetypal Governance
A taboo-free insight into the dire world with an exceptional roadmap of solutions

Each Seminar includes:
Analysis, Meditation, Dream Interpretation to reach a higher level of Personal Individuation aiming Completeness and Fulfillment.

Language: English (occasionally translation support for German speakers)
Program Monday to Friday 11-18h: Teaching, Practical Training, Discussions

Seminar 1: 10.-14.12.2018
Seminar 2: 4.-08.2.2019
Seminar 3: 1.-05.4.2019
Seminar 4: 3.-07.6.2019

Fees per Seminar: 2500€, including Certificate

Early application recommended (with 500€ deposit and 2000€ 30 days before start)
Accommodation: Book directly with ONA

Individuation Academy Mission Statement

Billions of people have no knowledge, skills or methods to understand themselves and their life, their difficulties, their problems and conflicts. Billions of people are brainwashed, manipulated, suppressed and infiltrated by lies, cheat, fictions, illusions, seductions, false games, and a perverse and neurotic collective theatre. Billions of people want to love and to be loved, want happiness and satisfaction, success and a secure life environment. But they all have no idea how to achieve such life aims. Billions of people are pushed into a mental and emotional chaos, into stress and fear, into countless meanders, into endless problems and conflicts without a chance to find the genuine meaning of life. Billions of people are treated like animals, like pure human biomass, partly lured with money and partly terrorized by wars, poverty and misery. Nobody gives them substantial hope and solutions. All humans get messages from the inner Spirit through dreams. But billions can’t interpret their dreams. They can’t benefit from this spiritual power that gives guidance and provides support. Religions failed. State schools failed. Politicians failed. Education failed. The lies replaced the truth. Every soul is abused and violated. Billions of people suffer from this frightening failure. Billions of people need knowledge, skills, guidance and support to understand themselves, their life, and to master genuine personal development and life for the fulfillment of their longing.

All these people – the entire humanity – need a new generation of millions of professionals: mature teachers and educators, rock-solid in their moral character, with a high level of personal development, and with a genuine spirituality built up from their inner source of life to provide them with vanguard education based on the Archetypes of the Soul.

The entire humanity is on the verge of its decline. The planet is in frightening danger to collapse. One spark is enough to trigger the worst nightmare for humanity one can imagine. More than 40 years I lived, learnt, studied, explored, and worked, guided by the inner Spirit, to find the right solution, to be able to offer you today this absolutely vanguard superior education.

Billions of humans are waiting for you, to become an expert and to guide people towards love, happiness, hope, peace, joy of life, towards an effective mastering of life and the fulfillment of their soul in God. Such a professional dedication is rooted in the Archetypes of the Soul and promotes your own fulfillment!

Dr. Edward Schellhammer says: “The inheritors of the great work of Carl Gustav Jung have entirely missed the opportunity to bring forward his pioneering explorations up to its complete fulfillment! There is not one of the Jungian’ experts that have reached significantly more than half of the Individuation process. And about the Archetypes of the service of God and the highest Archetypes of the Soul they all have no idea. This is an outrageous disgrace!”

“Without the explorations of Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung among others I would not have been able to fulfill all existing evolutionary Archetypes of the Soul. My greatest respect and thanks for these pioneers that have terribly suffered from the stupidity, ignorance and arrogance of entire folks.”

Vanguard Education founded in the Archetypes of the Soul creates a new World!